Snorkeling liveaboard review

Update Aug 2015: Saimai is no longer in operation

We had a wonderful time on the SaiMai, too short as anticipated but absolutely great.

saimai diningSAIMAI – wonderful boat exactly what we like – wood and old style, although a little slow. The Equipment on board and facilities are fine and there is everything one might need to have a great experience. The best for us was the top deck – sun beds where we even slept overnight. Cabins, except for the use of the toilet was not necessary for us at all on our short stay. Great experience. To fulfill all our dreams next time Roger would like some proper fishing gear on board. We only had a string to fish Squid – which he enjoyed very much and we eat the next day at lunch.

Andreas, a great person with vast experience and flexibility – he could not have done more for us. He looked after us and we had real fun with him. He made recommendations or suggestions what to do and were to go and accommodated our wishes on all accounts. Special thanks to him there was nothing he could have done different to make our stay on the SAIMAI more unforgettable.

The crew, great quite people. Never disturbed even with the two boys on board and the food was absolutely excellent but too much. Real English breakfast on the first and second morning – fantastic. No set times for lunch or dinner, whenever we were ready or hungry we were served excellent food. Truly wonderful – could not have been better. We were spoilt without feeling that someone stood behind us or we needed to eat at set times……, that is exactly what we like. Also (for us important) there was always coffee to take ourselves, drinks were cold and we could take as and when we felt like a drink ourselves and nibble on some fruit…. Please do not change anything that was perfect! The wine you shopped for, another plus point…. Excellent!

The Snorkeling, again Andreas made suggestions and plans and asked us for any wishes – perfect. Andreas planned where to be when very carefully to miss traffic and tourists but even arriving late at Maya beach in the afternoon we fled from the large amounts of boats with tourists. We anchored in a bay close by more quiet.

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