Bang Niang beach

Bang Niang Khao Lak

Biang Niang beach is the beach north of Khao Lak centre (Nangthong beach). It’s really quiet and peaceful. If Phuket beaches are too crowded for you, you’ll love Bang Niang, or any other Khao lak beach for that matter.

The area is gaining popularity, there are plenty of resorts in Bangniang as well as restaurants and a few bars. So you won’t feel isolated, you can walk around. But you won’t feel like you are in an over touristic area either, it’s pretty laid back.

Bang Niang market

Up on the main road you will find the popular Bang Niang night market. A great place for evening food and drink. It’s open Monday, Wednesday, Saturday.

Bangniang market

Khao Lak Tsunami memorial

You will also find the tsunami memorial where you can see the navy vessel that was washed ashore on that terrible day on Dec 26th 2004. It’s been left where the waves deposited it. about a kilometre inland.

Tsunami memorial Phuket

Bang Niang to Nangthong beach

If you want to get to Nangthong beach it’s about 2.5 km south on the main Phetkasem highway. You can take a songthaew (local taxi pick up truck) or hire bicycles, there is a cycle path running alongside the road for much of the distance.

Khao Lak season

Khao Lak’s season is November to late April because that’s when the Similan and Surin Islands national parks are accessible and that’s when the weather is best. Khao Lak only really gets busy with tourists from December to February. You can stay in Khao Lak from May to October, in fact you’ll get amazing prices on top resorts desperate to fill their rooms. But it’s pretty sleepy at that time of year, with no boat tours running.

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  1. The Biang Niang beach looks fantastic. Have been to Thailand twice – to Phi Phi from Phuket and the beaches and islands off Krabi. Must visit Biang Niang on my next trip.

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