Mask and snorkel

Buying a mask and snorkel

If you are trying to decide whether it’s worthwhile buying your own mask and snorkel set or if you should just rent a mask and snorkel when you need it please allow us to offer some advice. Buy your own. Most of the snorkel tours that we offer provide free use of mask and snorkel (not fins). The quality is ok too, but it’s still preferable to have your own set, a mask with a good silicone skirt and a snorkel with a purge valve. A mask and snorkel set is cheap to purchase and takes up minimal luggage space. You can take it any where and use it whenever you need it. Found a deserted beach with a reef that you want to explore? You can if you’ve got your own gear.

Having your own mask and snorkel ensures a good fit. You’ll have a much better time snorkeling if your mask fits properly. Why pay to go on a snorkeling tour and then spend half the day trying to adjust an ill fitting mask. The more comfortable you feel, the more beautiful marine life you’ll see.

Think about hygiene. Do you really want to share a snorkel that has been used by hundreds of other people? The snorkels on our tours are cleaned in disinfectant at the end of each day but still, we prefer to use our own. Do you know how most people stop a mask from fogging up? They spit on the inside of the lens and rub it around. Do you want to wear a mask with someone else’s spit in it?

It is less essential to have your own fins because it’s possible to snorkel without them. Fins take up more space in you bags too. But a pair of fins will enhance your snorkeling experience allowing you to go further and dive down deeper. Fins can be useful for swimming in a current. It’s not necessary to buy big diving fins, there are some excellent short snorkeling fins on the market now that will fit in a backpack. A pair of body boarding fins work well too.

Now that we’ve convinced you that buying a mask and snorkel is a wise investment our next posts will offer advice on how to choose a mask and snorkel.


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