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Snorkeling at Koh Tachai even though the island is closed to tourists

We are getting lots of enquiries about Koh Tachai. Many of you have read that the island is closed. That’s true. The national parks authority made the beaches of Koh Tachai off limits to boats at the end of last season (May 2016) to help protect the environment. But you can still snorkel there.

Koh Tachai was a victim of it’s own success, and Thailand’s success in attracting millions of visitors per year. It went from a quiet tropical paradise with the best beach in Thailand to a suddenly receiving over 300 visitors per day. The park facilities could cope and the reefs began to suffer, so the authorities took swift action and closed the island to all boats.

But they didn’t close the dive sites which are in open water off shore from Koh Tachai. Dive boats and snorkeling liveaboards can still go to these sites, and these are the spots where the big fish like manta rays and whale sharks can be seen.

We do not have day trips to Koh Tachai. The outer reefs are not suitable for non swimmers or anyone uncomfortable in the water. Instead we recommend the Surin Islands day trip.

We still offer snorkeling at Koh Tachai by liveaboard. The liveaboards still visit Koh Tachai plateau for snorkeling, they just can’t take you to the beach anymore.

Koh Tachai manta

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