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Cheaper Phuket tours

It’s not often that prices go down but two of our Phuket tours have just become cheaper Phuket tours.

Phi Phi and Bamboo Island snorkeling tour

Our Phi Phi and Bamboo Island day trip is the recommended tour from Phuket to Phi Phi during the summer months, the all weather boat gets you there in comfort.

We now offer two options for travel, the original Premium Class at 3,500 baht per person and the new First Class at 2,500 baht per person.

The snorkeling part of the tour is the same whichever class you choose, once you get to Phi Phi you will transfer to a speedboat that will whisk you around to Bamboo Island for snorkeling.

The differences between the two classes are the transfers and the lunch.

Transfers: The First class deck seats 300 passengers in airline style seats. The Premium class deck seats just 40 passengers on comfortable couches and refreshments are complimentary. (The journey time is 90 minutes). The Premium class passengers also have exclusive use of the sundeck on the upper deck and a separate bathroom.

Lunch: Both First and Premium class passengers can enjoy the buffet lunch provided at a resort on Laemthong beach. Premium customers are also served a delicious seafood barbecue.

So if you don’t care so much about where you sit on the boat or what you have for lunch you can save 1,000 baht per person on this Phi Phi snorkeling tour.

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