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Custom snorkeling tours for groups

If you can’t find a tour that suits your group from our online catalogue we may be able to build a custom tour just for you. If you are a group of friends it may be worth chartering a speedboat for your exclusive use. Families often like some flexibility around start and finish times. We also have some boat options (like yachts and dive boats) that aren’t listed on this website but may be right for you.

For example we offer island hopping tours to Racha Noi island for groups. The join in tours don’t go as far as Racha Noi so you’ll probably have the uninhabited island to yourselves and the hard coral reefs are in gin clear water and full of fish.

We can also take groups to Coral Island which is close to Phuket and therefore very affordable. We wouldn’t recommend coral island for a join in tour because it’s overrun with package tourists but on a private boat we can avoid them just going to the next bay around.

We also offer small group tours from Phuket (or Khao Lak) into Phang Nga province and Phang Nga bay with private minibus and long tail boat. This is not a snorkeling tour (Phang Nga bay is not a snorkeling destination), it’s a sightseeing tour with the option of a little kayaking. This is a very popular tour with families and the price is virtually the same as a package tour. More details here.

Mr Tee
Mr Tee


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  1. Hello there me and my partner, we are interested in multiple snorkeling trips to the various islands around phuket. For us it is important not to waste so much time for waiting and transfer and to have small groups. Could you suggest some offers?

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