Diving and snorkeling in Thailand

Normally we offer snorkeling day trips to snorkelers and diving day trips to certified divers but sometimes we get requests for mixed diver and snorkeler couples who would like to join a boat where they can do both.

Or snorkelers may like the option to try diving for the first time, just to get an idea what it is like without committing to the full PADI certification course.

dive boat Phuket

Day trips

From Phuket you can join a dive boat to Racha Yai Island, Racha Noi Island or the Phi Phi Islands. Certified divers can do two dives with a divemaster for 3,700 baht. A snorkeler can join for just 2,000 baht. If a snorkeler wants to try diving at Racha Yai they can do a “Discover Scuba Dive” for 4,900 baht.

More details with a full itinerary here: www.snorkelingthailand.com/try-scuba-at-racha-yai-island/

If you have a group of family or friends with mixed interests you may prefer to charter your own speedboat. We can put a PADI dive instructor and a few scuba cylinders on board and take you to Racha Yai Island. From the beach the divers can dive and the snorkelers can snorkel. Others can just enjoy the beautiful beach. Our speedboat takes up to 10 guests in comfort to Racha Yai Island (just 30 minutes from Phuket). The price is 26,900 baht for a full day charter. More details here: www.snorkelingthailand.com/premium-racha-yai-snorkeling-day-trip/


We also offer liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands that are suitable for divers and snorkelers. The Oktavia is an ideal boat for a couple with mixed interests. Oktavia has both dive guides and snorkel guides and caters to both equally well. The 2 day 2 night trips is the best way to see the best Similan Island reefs without too many day trippers around. More details here: www.snorkelingthailand.com/oktavia-snorkeling-liveaboard/

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