Phi Phi snorkeling tour

Phi Phi and Bamboo Island day trips

We’ve just changed our Phuket to Phi Phi Islands day trip packages. We now offer three alternative packages with the fast and comfortable Jet Cruiser 9 that gets passengers from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands in just 90 minutes.

The standard class tour is the cheapest option at just 1,500 baht but doesn’t include snorkeling, it’s just a sightseeing day trip. The first class and premium class tours include a snorkeling excursion to Bamboo Island plus sightseeing at Maya Bay.

The first class phi phi day trip is 2,500 baht per person and the premium class is 3,500 baht per person. The heart of the tours is the same, both offer the same snorkeling itinerary. The differences are in the details. The premium tour offers better transfers to the boat, better seating on the boat, free drinks on the boat and better lunch.

We have improved the webpage so that you can see what you get (or don’t get) for your money because not all tours are created equally. For more details please look here: phi-phi-bamboo-island-premium-snorkeling-day-trip/

Royal Jet Cruiser 9

We recommend these tours for anyone who doesn’t like bouncing around in a speedboat. It’s especially suitable from May to October when the sea around Phuket may not be flat. The Jet Cruiser cuts through the waves comfortably.

Bamboo Island

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