Similan Snorkeling tours from Khao Lak

Similan Islands tours

Choose one of these Similan Island tours starting from Khao Lak:

(Book early for 2019 – tourist numbers into the national park are being limited this season)

Siam Adventure Similan day trip

  • Best feedback from this premium tour
  • Not crowded. Better guides
  • Includes 2 guided snorkeling sessions
  • Beach excursions
  • Sail Rock view point
  • 3,700 baht per person (inclusive of national park entrance fee)
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Affordable Similan Island tour

  • Full day trip by speedboat.
  • Includes islands 4,7,8 and 9
  • Includes honeymoon bay, Donald Duck bay and sail rock viewpoint.
  • Price from 3,000 baht
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Similan Islands liveaboard

  • Trips over multiple days that include the Similan Islands, Surin Islands, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon and Richelieu Rock.
  • Spend 2 night to 6 nights on board.
  • Best if you want to see bigger stuff like mantas and whale sharks.
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Similan snorkeling

Similan snorkeling

Similan snorkeling is some of the best in Thailand. The Similan Islands are a chain of nine granite islands that form Similan Island National Marine Park. Snorkelers can expect to see huge schools of fish including snapper, fusilier, surgeon fish, rabbit fish, parrot fish and so much more. You’ll probably also see turtles and blue spotted stingrays. If you really hunt for them there are also vast amounts of critters camouflaged on the reef and on the sea bed like mantis shrimps, garden eels, pipe fish, stone fish and scorpion fish. There is a fair chance of seeing leopard sharks (which are harmless). Manta ray and whale shark encounters aren’t common but do happen on occasion. The fish in the Similan Islands are bigger than everywhere else in Thailand.

The corals are a mix of hard and soft coral on the eastern fringing reefs. Western sites have huge granite boulder formations. In the crystal clear water they make dramatic underwater seascapes.

The Similan Island beaches are some of the best in Thailand with beautiful white sand lapped by turquoise water.

There is basic national park accommodation on Koh Miang (island 4) and Koh Similan (island 8) although these are very difficult to book and staying overnight on a boat is often the best option.

Travelling time from Khao Lak to the Similan Islands is approximately 1.5 hours by speedboat.

Similan Islands snorkeling tour