Koh nang Yuan resort

Koh Nang Yuan Snorkeling

Stay and snorkel at Koh Nangyan resort

Koh Nang Yuan Snorkeling Island is a small privately owned island about 5 minutes boat ride from Koh Tao or about 2 hours by fast ferry from Koh Samui. You can visit Koh Nang Yuan by day trip from Koh Samui or stay for a couple of nights at the only resort on the island. If you are staying in Koh Tao there are regular long tail boats making the journey to Koh Nang yuan.

The beauty of Koh Nang Yuan snorkeling is that the reefs are just off from the beach, no need to take a boat ride, just walk into the water. And the snorkeling is very good with healthy corals in shallow water and lots of fish to see, even reef sharks. Or if you want to explore a little further you can take a boat around to Koh Tao and some of the popular diving and snorkeling reefs that surround it. There is also a small dive shop on Koh Nang Yuan if you want to try diving or get certified. It’s a cheap place to learn and the conditions are perfect.

Actually Koh Nang Yuan is made made up of three small islets joined to each other by sand bars and surrounded by coral reefs. The central of the three islets has the jetty, a restaurant and a beach bar. This is also where the dive shop is. The outer two islets have virtually all of the resort bungalow accommodation, there is also a very nice view point. Every morning at 10am day trippers from Koh Samui arrive at the jetty to enjoy the beach and snorkeling. By 2.30pm they have all left and resort guests have their island paradise all to themselves.

Koh Nang Yuan Resort

Koh Nang Yuan Resort Accommodation

There are several different levels of accommodation on Koh Nang Yuan Resort.

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How to get there

By car and ferry from Bangkok: Drive to Chumphon’s Thung Makam Noi Pier where the Lomprayah High Speed Catamaran departs twice daily 0700-0845 and 1300-1445.

By bus and ferry from Bangkok: The Lomprayah bus will drop you at the Thung Makam Noi Pier so that you can connect to Lomprayah High Speed catamaran. There are two buses daily. Check in at 0530, departure 0600  and arrive Koh Tao 1445 hrs. Or check in at 0700,  departure 0900 and arrive Koh Tao 0845 hours the next day.

By train and ferry from Bangkok: Trains leave Hua Lamphong station to Chumphon station twice daily.

Train No. 85 Depart 0730 hrs, arrive 0347 hrs.
Train No. 39 Depart 1050 hrs, arrive 0547 hrs.

Lomprayah staff pick you up at Chumphon train station at 0500 – 0600 hrs for connection to the ferry at Thung Makham Noi pier at 0700 hrs, arrival in Koh Tao at 0845 hrs.

By ferry from Koh Samui: The Lomprayah High Speed catamaran departs from Koh Samui at 0800 and 1230 hrs dailiy. Journey time to Koh Tao/Koh Nangyuan is 1.45 hrs.

By bus and ferry from Phuket: The bus departs from Phuket city at 1000 hrs to connect with the Lomprayah High Speed catamaran at Donsak pier Surat Thani for 1600 hrs departure, arriving Koh Tao 1845 hrs.

Koh Nang Yuan