Laem Hin

Laem Hin Phuket

Laem Hin is on Phuket’s east coast. Laem means cape in English. The pier at Laem Hin has boats to Maphrao Island (or Coconut Island).

If you are staying on Koh Maphrao and want to do a Phuket tour we can usually arrange to pick you up at Laem Hin pier.

Laem Hin is worth a visit to eat at a couple of very good restaurants there.

Laem Hin Seafood is an old favourite. This restaurant on wooden stilts serves delicious Thai food and ice cold beer.  After filling your belly take a constitutional walk down the pier, at low tide you can watch millions of crabs and mud skippers in the mud.

If you drive around the back of Laem Hin Seafood restaurant (past the sign that says Private Road) you can catch a long tail boat out to the Kruvit raft. It’s a floating restaurant specializing in fresh seafood which are caught and then kept in pens around the raft. The long tail ride is free and prices on the restaurant are reasonable.

Kruvit restaurant Laem Hin

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