Laem Sing beach Phuket

Laem Singh beach

Jungle beach

Laem Singh beach is a small beach located between Kamala beach and Surin beach. To get to it you must park up on the road and walk down a steep path of stone stairs. It’s only a couple of minutes walk, not far just steep, and it’s a nice jungle walk.  Car parking is limited but it’s easy enough for motorbikes (20 baht parking fee as of 2017). If you are fit and don’t mind the heat you could walk to Laem Singh from Kamala beach in about 30 minutes.

Laem means cape in Thai.

People visit Laem Singh because it’s a bit of a hidden gem. It’s not totally deserted but it’s still a sweet sweet beach and does retain an air of private exclusivity. It’s a beautiful beach next to the jungle. There are some local restaurants there but no big resorts. In 2014 the military government kicked off most of the illegally encroaching businesses and the beach looks better for it. Time will tell if it stays this way.

The sand is fine and the water usually crystal clear. You can snorkel around the rocks at the edges.

Nighttime beach parties are sometimes held at Laem Singh.

Laem Sing beach Phuket Laem Sing beach Phuket


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