Whale shark

What did you see?

We just had a question from a returning customer about whether the manta rays and whale sharks are here again this season.

The answer is yes, but as always you need some luck to see them.

A whale shark was spotted by some lucky snorkelers on Feb 8th on the MV DiveRACE (a SCUBA divers boat):

And here is a photo of Ralf from the Reggae Queen snorkeling with a Manta Ray last month:

February to April are normally the best months for big fish sightings, and they are also normally the best months for sunny weather and flat seas. We’ve had some unusually windy weather for the start of Feb this year but that is calming down so now is the perfect time to get out on a boat. If you want to maximize your chances of seeing big stuff like mantas and whale sharks we always recommend a snorkeling liveaboard to escape the day trippers and visit the best snorkeling sites.

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