MV Sea Gipsy Island safari

How was your trip on the Sea Gipsy liveabord?

Dear Paul

Yes, we did have very good time. For Ruth and me is was the first time we stayed on a boat for a few days and we were very surprised how comfortable it was. Since we love the nature we preferred a trip on a boat like the Sea Gipsy and not one on a more luxury boat. That was a perfect decision. The trip was very well organised and we felt very comfortable and save all time. Joe-Joe and the crew gave us perfect support and we did not miss anything. I think that for snorkeling enthusiasts, a trip to Similan or Surin Island could probably be the better choice, but that’s by far the only thing. It was a perfect mix of watersport, snorkeling, hiking and relaxing and the places we visited were amazing. The food was excellent and we also had a very good time with the other participants, Ith, Joe-Joe and the crew members.

Thank you very much for making that outstanding experience possible.

Ruth & Andy

SUP Myanmar


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