Similan snorkeling liveaboard Oktavia

Feedback from a snorkeler on Oktavia liveaboard in February 2014

Q. How was your trip?

Hi Paul,

Oktavia liveaboard review

The trip was excellent.  We saw dolphins, a whale shark and a whale along with all fish.
I had never been on a dive boat before.  I thought it was very well run with excellent attention to the participants safety.  I was quite pleased to have a dive master in the water with me all the time snorkeling.  The crew was great, friendly and the food fabulous.
I especially like Marc, the dive master who answered all my questions and id’ed all my photos.
The pick up and recommendations for places to stay before & after were just excellent too.
Thanks for arranging all this from half a world away.  Now back to blizzards!  Lynn

UPDATE 2021 – Unfortunately Oktavia has ceased operations.