Pattaya Snorkeling tours

Pattaya Snorkeling Tour

For snorkeling tours in Pattaya we recommend

Escape the madness of Pattaya’s full on entertainment scene with a Pattaya snorkeling tour to the islands off the Pattaya coast. Visit the far islands of Koh Rin and Koh Phai for better quality and safer snorkeling. Trips are suitable for all ages, for families or solo travellers. No experience necessary. Floatation vests are provided for those who are not strong swimmers. You can also try SCUBA Diving with an experienced PADI dive instructor and explore a whole new world.

We are not about to claim that a Pattaya snorkeling tour offers the best snorkeling in Thailand, for that you are far better off heading to the Andaman Sea side of Thailand. But if you find yourself in Pattaya with time on your hands then a day on the boat is a great way to relax. Think of it as a fun day out on the water with a bit of swimming and snorkeling thrown in. You will see plenty of fish. Kids and anyone new to snorkeling will love it.

There are lots of day trips running out of Pattaya but not all tours are created equally. It’s best to avoid the cheap charlie tours that take snorkelers to the near islands like Koh Larn and Koh Sak. Apart from the fact that the water is not clear, these islands suffer from heavy boat traffic including speedboats and jet skis. For your own safety and enjoyment it is far better to go to the far islands like Koh Rin, Man, Wichai or Koh Phai. The water is clearer and the boat traffic is much less.

Day trips depart from Pattaya port at about 9am and take 90 minutes to cruise slowly and comfortably to the outer islands. On the return boats depart from the outer islands at about 3pm so you’ll be back in port by 4.30pm. The day is spent moored at the islands so there is plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Typically the boats take 15-20 guests.

Join in tours are 1,500 baht each. If you are a group the price may be cheaper.

Tours include transfers from Pattaya hotels, a snorkeling guide, all snorkeling equipment including mask, snorkel, fins and a flotation vest if required. A buffet lunch is provided plus fruit snacks, tea coffee and drinking water. Beers and canned sodas are charged extra on board. Underwater cameras can be rented (book in advance) cheaply.

SCUBA diving is possible from the boat if you fancy trying it for the first time.

Speedboats or bigger party boats are available to charter for private groups also.

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  1. Please advise cost for private speedboat for 3 persons to far islands from Pattaya for snorkelling on 10 may ?

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