Phang Nga bay tours

Sea kayaking and James Bond Island

2 options for sea cave kayaking in Phang Nga Bay:

John Grey Sea Canoe “Hong By Starlight

  • The best Phang Nga bay sea kayaking tour.
  • Avoids other boats. Starts late and finishes late.
  • Includes kayaking in the hongs after dark.
  • Includes dinner on the boat.
  • 3,950 baht
  • Details >>

Phang Nga sea kayaking

Sea Canoe 4 U

  • Good value sea kayaking tour
  • Includes James Bond Island
  • From 2,000 baht
  • Details here >>

Phang Nga sea kayaking

Which sea kayaking tour in Phang Nga bay?

Phang Nga sea kayaking is the best way to sea Phang Nga bay. It’s the only way to get in to the caves that the boats can’t access. Phang Nga is a place of stunning natural beauty and should not be missed. There are dozens of tours running day trips into the bay, some go by bus up to Phang Nga province and then take long tail boats through the mangroves and in to the bay. Others cruise by boat from Phuket into the bay.

Many of the karst limestone islands in the Phang Nga bay have inner lagoons that can only be accessed by kayak. Sea kayaking day trips in to the “Hongs” were originally pioneered by John Grey, a larger than life Hawaiian eco-warrior with a passion for kayaking and nature. He still runs the best trips to Phang Nga and we highly recommend the “Hong By Starlight Tour.”

But it’s not cheap and to cater to a lower budget many imitations are on the market. It can be difficult to pick one that isn’t just a trap for unsuspecting tourists. We have selected a tour which is good value, isn’t over crowded and includes the much requested sightseeing at James Bond island.


The best Phang Nga sea kayaking tour

Hong By Starlight This tour starts late (midday) and finishes late (9.30pm). So you miss the crowds, you get to kayak in the bay at night and you get excellent lunch and dinner on board.

All day is spent exploring different Hongs (rooms within the rocks). Kayaks are paddled by expert guides who point out the wildlife to you. (You can paddle the kayaks yourself if you wish).

As the sun sets you will make a Kratong on the boat with your guide. A kratong is a floating banana leaf boat that you release onto the water for luck and future prosperity. Then you paddle back into the lagoon under starlight, loy (float) your kratong and experience Phang Nga bay from a whole new perspective.

In our opinion it is well worth the extra compared to the basic trips. It’s an experience that you will remember for years.

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Phang Nga sea kayaking tour with James Bond Island

This good value Phang Nga bay tour starts from your hotel in the morning (7.15-8.30am depending on location) and returns at around 5pm. The morning is spent kayaking around the caves at Panak Island. A visit to James Bond Island is included. A buffet lunch is served on board the boat then in the afternoon there is some more kayaking at Hong Island followed by a stop at a quiet beach where you can relax and swim.

We like this trip because the boat isn’t as over crowded as others, maximum passengers is around 45 people, usually there are about 30 guests on board.

More photos and a review here:

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