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Phi Phi tour review

This Phi Phi Tour Review is from Gabriella, who went on the Phi Phi Deluxe Plus day trip from Phuket to Phi Phi, Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, Monkey Beach, Koh Yao and the Kai Islands in January.

OMG Paul It was amazing! The ride to the Phi Phi Islands was choppy but I found it quite funny that it was crazy and people were looking like they wanted to scream. 

It didn’t rain on us though. As we left the Phi Phi Islands and were a ways away we could see that it started to rain so we missed it by a few minutes. 

Snorkeling was so much fun! The first time was super amazing as well as the second time but the snorkel I was using the second time wasn’t working properly. Water kept getting into it. 

Lunch was yummy an so were the snacks. Our guide was amazing! 

The only thing was that one of the guys forgot our flippers so it was harder to swim under the water since it was very salty. 

Other than that, everything was perfect! 

Koh Khai snorkeling

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