Phuket Discover Scuba Diving

If you love snorkeling you may have considered trying scuba diving too. You don’t have to do a full PADI diving course to go diving. If you want to go diving from Phuket but have no dive certification we have several options available to you.

An experienced PADI Instructor can guide you over beautiful reefs at Racha Yai or Racha Noi Island. We also have day trips that combine diving with snorkeling, ideal for mixed interest groups.

Phuket Discover Scuba Diving options:

Beach Dive. 2,900 baht. A half day Phuket Discover Scuba Diving Program with one beach dive is ideal if you are short of time or don’t want to go on a boat trip. It’s so easy, just walk off the beach on to the reef. A dive will last 40-60 minutes depending on how quickly you breath the air from your cylinder. We do beach dives from November to April when the sea is flat on the west coast of Phuket. We dive at two reefs, both are shallow and have plenty of fish life.

Discover ScubaBoat dives. Full day with 2 or 3 dives. Group Instruction. 4,500 – 4,900 baht. A boat trip to the outer islands offers dives on better reefs with colourful coral, big schools of fish and clear water. Dive groups are limited to 4 divers per 1 instructor. Snorkelers can join the boat for 2,000 baht. Available all year round.

Boat dives. Full day with 3 dives. Private instruction. 6,400 baht. If you would like more personal attention you can have a private PADI Instructor just for you. The advantage of this is that you’ll normally get a longer dive with more time observing marine life and less time waiting for the other divers.

Half day swimming pool then 1 day boat with 2 dives. Group Instruction 5,900 baht. If you have never tried diving before you may prefer to practice in the pool first. Your PADI Instructor will take you through some basic dive skills in the safe, shallow environment of our pool. This will make you more confident on the second day when you dive from the boat.

Half day swimming pool then 1 day boat with 2 dives. Private 1 to 1 instruction. 6,500 baht. As above but one on one with your instructor. No pressure, no time limits.

Snorkeling day trip with diving option. Take a snorkeling trip to Racha Yai island, the speedboat takes 2 minutes from Phuket. Snorkel in the morning and have lunch on the island. Then if you fancy trying diving in the afternoon you can do a dive from the beach at Racha Yai. The snorkeling day trip is 1,900 baht per person. One dive with a PADI Instructor is 2,200 baht.

Discover SCUBA Diving pre-requisites: To participate in a Discover SCUBA program you must be at least 10 years old. You must not be flying in any aircraft within 24 hours of SCUBA diving. You must not be pregnant or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You must read and complete the PADI medical statement.


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