Sarasin bridge

Phuket Island tours

Land based Phuket island city tours. Around the island, Phuket town. Temples, view points, restaurants, shopping, beaches, waterfalls. Combine tours with other activities or transfers.

People visit southern Thailand for all the s’s. Most want sea, sun and sand. Some want sex, even more want shopping. Most also like to include a little sightseeing. And don’t forget snorkeling and scuba diving. Oh, and Singha beer.

The best thing about Phuket is it’s beaches and easy access to other islands. If you need a break from the sun and you are shopped out already we have some options for sightseeing around the island.

Soi Romanee Phuket old town

Phuket is bigger than many imagine and there is plenty to see. Also, despite sometimes being called a tourist trap, Phuket has a rich culture that you won’t find in other resort destinations where tourists go in the mistaken believe that they are escaping other tourists. Phuket has a local population that was here long before tourists arrived, it also has the best Thai food if you know where to go.

We offer private tours with an air conditioned minibus and a certified Phuket tour guide. We have suggested itineraries for full or half days but as they are private tours there is flexibility built in. To some extent the itinerary will depend on your hotel location.

We can also combine half day tours with other activities or even with airport transfers if you are arriving or leaving the same day.

We run these tours with our own guides and our own vehicles. We don’t sell the very cheap join in tours from other operators because we don’t like the unscheduled stops that they make to squeeze money from you. We do not stop at the gem shops, latex factories, pearl shops etc (unless you specifically want to).

Phuket sightseeing tours

Our guides are registered Phuket tour guides. What that means is they are legal, they are Thai nationals, they speak English (other languages are available) and they are trained in Phuket history.

Our minivans are new and clean and stocked with drinking water. Our drivers are also legally registered.

Our tour prices are not the cheapest of the cheap but we think we provide a better service. They are the best value if you are a small group or family.

If you don’t need a full service tour with guide and lunch included we can also offer a minibus / car and driver for your personal use for a full day or half day (5 hours). Please ask us for prices.

Phuket Island City Tours

Here is a selection of what we offer: