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Phuket Krabi tour

to the 4 islands and Railey

Phuket Krabi Tour

Take the fast ferry from Phuket to Railey and then transfer to a speedboat for island hopping around Krabi.

The islands and beaches around Krabi are incredibly beautiful and well worth seeing above the water.

The waters around Krabi tend to be a bit more green than at other places like the Similan Islands or Racha Yai so it’s not the best day trip if your main focus is snorkeling but for sightseeing it’s hard to beat.

Think of a day trip to Krabi more as a fun day out on a boat with stunning scenery and some swimming and snorkeling included, rather than a full on snorkeling day trip.

Recommended if you don’t have time to stay at Krabi.

Available all year round on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

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If you have time why not spend a few days in Krabi? Two or three days at Ao Nang beach is plenty of time to do a couple of day trips around the area including the 4 islands and Railey beach.

You can also visit Phi Phi and Bamboo Islands in a day trip from Ao Nang, it’s closer than Phuket so cheaper.

Or visit Hong Island and Pakbia Island.

Kayaking at Ao Thalane is an excellent half day tour from Krabi.


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