Koh Racha Yai snorkeling tours

Racha Yai Island day trips

Choose one of these tours to Raya Yai

Racha Yai day trip

  • Great value speedboat day trip to Racha Yai Island
  • Snorkeling at two different bays
  • Lunch on the island
  • Beach time
  • Just 30 minutes from south Phuket by speedboat.
  • Available all year round.
  • Price from 1,400 baht per adult
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Snorkeling at Racha Yai

Private island hopping

  • Private speedboat for small groups.
  • Full day or half day charter.
  • Racha Yai, Racha Noi and Coral Island.
  • Dodge the crowds, go at your own pace.
  • Price: from 21,000 baht
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Racha Yai snorkeling

Overnight at Racha Yai island

  • Raya Resort 2 days 1 night.
  • By 3.00 pm all the day trippers have departed and you have the island to yourself.
  • Great value basic accommodation.
  • Feels like Thailand 20 years ago.
  • Price: 2,950 baht per adult
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Racha Yai bungalow

Racha Yai Discover SCUBA

  • Racha Yai is the perfect place to try diving.
  • One day trip with “Discover Scuba Diving.”
  • PADI Dive Instructor supervised.
  • No diving experience necessary.
  • Price:  4,900 baht per adult
  • More details >>


Snorkeling island close to Phuket

We recommend Racha Yai snorkeling tours because Racha Island is close to Phuket (25 minutes by speedboat from Chalong Bay) and the granite island is surrounded by clear water with large schools of fish.

Fish that you can see include schools of sergeant major, snapper, fusilier, titan trigger fish, clown fish (Nemo), lion fish, parrot fish, banner fish, moorish idols, trumpet fish  and much more.

Crocodile longtoms swim just below the surface, blue spotted sting rays and flatfish try to hide on the sandy bottom.

There are several varieties of hard coral including brain, cabbage, plate, leaf and stag horn coral. Plus sea fans, sea whips, anemones, sea stars, sea cucumbers and spiny sea urchins.

Eagle eyed snorkelers should also be able to spot moray eels, mantis shrimps, garden eels, blennies, gobies, nudibranchs and scorpion fish.

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2 thoughts on “Racha Yai snorkeling & tours”

  1. Need pick up and return to cruiseship for day snorkeling tour, arriving on 5 March, 2018, Sapphire Princess cruise ship in Phuket ( no idea if it is tendered or dock).
    Ship will arrive at 9am and depart at 6pm.
    Any snockeling tour that is close to port, with less travel time and cheaper will be desirable. Must return to Phuket cruiseship passengers drop off-peak up location by 4pm to be safe and not late.

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