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Similan Islands tours

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Similan Islands early bird day trip

  • Very popular speedboat tour that departs from Phuket
  • Better snorkeling site selection to avoid crowds
  • Fewer passengers in the boat
  • Good change to see a turtle
  • Beach time and view point climb
  • Excellent guides
  • Similan Islands tour >>

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Affordable Similan Islands tour

  • Full one day trip to the Similan Islands by speedboat
  • Includes Similan Islands 4,7,8,9.
  • Honeymoon bay and sail rock viewpoint.
  • includes national park fee, lunch and equipment.
  • cheaper Similan Islands tour >>

Similan Islands snorkeling tour

Private Similan Islands tour

  • Full day trip speedboat charter
  • Includes Similan Islands 4,5,6,8,9.
  • Beaches at Princess Bay, Honeymoon bay and Donald Duck bay (sail rock viewpoint).
  • Price 50,000 baht ++
  • Private Similan Islands tour >>

Similan Islands snorkeling

Mu Ko Similan national park

The Similan Islands group has the clearest water and the whitest sand beaches. It has the most fish in terms of number and variety. There are huge schools of fish including snapper, fusilier, surgeon fish, rabbit fish, parrot fish and so much more. There is a good chance of seeing turtles munching away on the coral or blue spotted stingray hiding on the sandy sea bed. There’s a fair chance of seeing leopard sharks. Pelagic fish encounters with manta rays and whale sharks while not common do happen sometimes.

The coral at the Similan Islands is a mix of hard and soft coral. The fringing reefs on the eastern sides of the islands slope gradually from the shallows to beyond 30 metres deep. On the western sides of the islands there are dramatic granite boulder formations which start above water and continue down below the surface. They are dotted with large gorgonian sea fans, sea whips and barrel sponges, they make stunning underwater seascapes.