Surin Islands snorkeling tours

Recommended day trip, overnight and liveaboard tours to the Surin Islands

Choose one of these Surin Islands tours:

Surin Islands early bird tour

  • Full day tour by speedboat
  • Early start to beat the crowds
  • Colourful reefs. Full of fish
  • Land transfers from Khao Lak or Phuket
  • Surin Islands early bird tour >>

Moken village Surin Islands

Surin Islands day trip

  • Land transfers provided from Khao Lak or from Phuket (early start)
  • Includes a visit to the Moken nomad village
  • 2-3 snorkeling spots
  • Cheaper Surin Islands tour >>

Beach at Surin Islands

Surin Islands snorkeling liveaboard

  • Recommended 3 day 3 night trips to the Surin Islands, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai.
  • Great itinerary to all the best snorkeling spots.
  • The best chance to see big stuff like manta rays or whale sharks.
  • Includes beach excursions
  • snorkeling liveaboard >>

Thailand Snorkeling

Surin Islands overnight

  • Camping at the Surin Islands
  • 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights
  • Package including accommodation in 2 man tents and all meals on the island.
  • The cheapest way to stay at the Surin Islands.
  • Tents on the beach
  • Stay at the Surin Islands >>

Surin Island


Snorkeling at the Mu Ko Surin national park

Surin Islands snorkeling tours dropped in popularity in past years because of the el nino which raised water temperatures in 2010 and had the effect of bleaching some hard corals in the shallow areas that are most suited to snorkeling. These corals are recovering quickly though and we now recommend the Surin Islands ahead of the Similan Islands as far fewer boats visit the Surin islands each day making for a better snorkeling experience. The reefs are shallower and better for snorkeling. The Surin Islands trip also  includes a visit to the traditional Moken sea gypsy community.

The Surin Islands are popular with domestic tourists on weekends but less visited by overseas tourists than the Similan Islands. This fact will appeal to anyone who wants to avoid the crowds.

Baby black tip reef sharks

On a Surin Islands day trip there is a good chance to see black reef sharks and if you are lucky turtles. You’ll see all the usual colourful reef fish such as parrot fish, moorish idols, banner fish, surgeon fish and so on. If you are really lucky you may see something special like an eagle ray.

Turtle in a barrel sponge

Surin also has a small traditional community of Moken sea gypsies. The day trips briefly visit the village, some of the liveaboard trips stop and visit the local school, one even has an arrangement where you can participate in an English lesson.

Moken house Surin Islands

Day trips from Khao Lak involve a 1.5 hour transfer time. Surin day trips from Phuket are quite long because the transfer time from Phuket hotels to the boat pier is 2 hours before the 1.5 hour speedboat ride. Ideally we recommend a two or three day liveaboard that includes the Similan and Surin Islands.

Parrotfish Orange lined triggerfish Snapper Anthias Clown fish