Massage by the blind Phuket

Phuket town massage

Massage by the blind in Phuket Town

You have plenty of options for a Phuket town massage, including simple shop houses with traditional Thai massage and foot massage or fancy spas with all sorts of alternative therapies. Personally I like the traditional Thai massage. I don’t go often but when I do I remember why I love it and vow to go more often. The trouble is that not all masseuses are as good as each other so it helps to get a recommendation.

So I thought I’d give a thumbs up to a small place that I stumbled on last month in Phuket town. It’s on Bangkok road in a shop house just south of the circle (roundabout). It’s called 24 Phuket massage and all the masseuses are blind or partially sighted. I had never been there before but the sign said that the staff were certified trained so I thought I’d see if they could massage away some of my aches and pains from a week of hard cycling.

UPDATE Oct 2019 – This place has gone. Here’s another blind massage shop nearby (I haven’t tried it):

Massage by the blind Phuket Massage by the blind Phuket Massage by the blind Phuket

The price is very cheap, 200 baht for one hour, 400 baht for two hours. The room is simple with no air con but it was airy, with plenty of fans. I was there at midday on a very humid day and was perfectly cool. A Thai soap opera was playing quietly on the TV in the background which could bother some people but I quickly tuned that out. I turned my phone off and was happy that I didn’t hear a single phone ring for the two hours that I was in there.

I have never had a massage by a blind masseuse before and it’s hard to tell whether it made a difference or not, it’s easy to imagine that it does when you are looking (or feeling) for a difference. What is certain is that my masseuse was very good at her job. I felt like I was being explored before being massaged. I felt like areas that needed more treatment we getting it and areas that should be left alone were left alone. I have several old and existing sports injuries that can make me shout out in pain if they are handled the wrong way but she seeming to know where they were by feel. Hard pressure was applied gradually. Often it felt more like an acupressure treatment rather that a kneading type  massage or just being contorted into a weird shape.

Whatever, I will go back again. Here are a few photos to help you find it.

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