Phuket Vegetarian festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2017

A more somber festival this year

The 2017 Phuket vegetarian festival (also called the Nine Emperor Gods festival) will begin on October 19th and end on the evening of October 28th.

This year the festival dates, which change each year based on the lunar calendar, clash with the cremation rites of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej to be held on 25-29 October, 2017.

So you can expect that this year’s festival will be unique because, out of respect for the late King, events will be much toned down, without the fireworks and often gruesome processions. It is expected that believers will still follow their commitments but in a more somber way.

To see the festival visit one of the 40 Chinese shrines spread around Phuket. The main ones are:

  • Put Jaw
  • Jui Tui
  • Bang Niew
  • Cherng Talay
  • Kathu Shrine.

To participate the the vegetarian festival you should observe the following commitments:

1. Abstain from killing living things (abstain from eating meat product).
2. Abstain from stealing.
3. Abstain from telling lie.
4. Abstain from alcoholic drinks.
5. Abstain from adultery.
6. Abstain from gambling.
7. Abstain from bedecking jewelry and leather goods.
8. Wearing white attire is preferable during the festival.
9. Mourner, women in menstruation and pregnancy should avoid participating in any
kind of rituals.
10. Kitchen utensils and containers should be kept solely for the festival.

Phuket Vegetarian festival


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