How to prevent a leaky mask

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My mask is letting in water is a common complaint from snorkelers and divers. Constantly having to flush water from a mask is frustrating and will mean the mask keeps fogging up.

So here are some tips to prevent a leaky mask.

  • Buy a good quality mask. A silicone skirt (the bit that is in contact with your face) is softer than cheap pvc and molds to the contours of your face better. Good quality masks also have feathering on the skirt to further prevent water ingress. (more tips on buying a mask here).
  • Test the seal by placing the mask on your face without the strap in pace and breathe in through your nose. This should pull the mask onto your face. If it doesn’t then the mask is not sealed and you should try another.
  • Top tip: Test mask fit with a snorkel in your mouth. Because it changes the shape of your face.
  • Shave. Stubble or a mustache can prevent a proper seal. If you don’t want to shave your ‘tache try using vaseline to create a seal.
  • Check that your hair isn’t under the skirt.
  • Top tip: Do not pull the strap tighter if your mask is leaking. This will not help to create a seal and will probably just give you a headache.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. It’s really important to get the right size mask so that it fits nice and tight.

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