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Rang Hill Phuket Town

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Rang Hill (Khao Rang) dominates Phuket Town and is one of the best view points in Phuket. It’s popular in the evening with sightseers, romantic young couples, walkers and cyclists. The views over all Phuket are worth the visit.

There are three different routes to the top. The most used route is from Mae Lung road, just north of Phuket Old Town. Another route up can be found on Yaoworat road, next to the Wachira hospital. This route takes you past a temple. The least used route is a smaller road behind the Bangkok Phuket hospital. It’s actually quite easy to get confused on these windy roads and descend a different way than you ascended.

A new fancy “Phuket City View Point” pagoda has been built recently. There are also some small shops which sell souvenirs, drinks and ice creams. There are shaded places to sit in the beautiful gardens. There is also a small exercise park for those feeling energetic.

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Rang Hill monkeys

There are lots of long-tailed macaques on Rang Hill. They aren’t shy and will approach people in the hope of food. They are not normally aggressive but they are wild animals so caution is advised. They also like to pinch hats, sunglasses and the like. Signs are posted requesting that you do not feed them so as not to change their natural behaviour.

Rang Hill restaurants

Tung Ka Café is a long established eatery with the best views on the hill with 180 degrees of panoramic views from three large terraces. The temperature is cool and the food is excellent. Prices are reasonable they also have a nice wine list.

Phuket View restaurant has been established up Rang Hill for over 20 years and is the largest of the restaurants up there.

Khao Rang Breeze is a smaller restaurant. A cozier and cheaper place. The loos have good views.

On the back route up Rang Hill is the delightful Yellow Door restaurant.

Rang Hill restaurant

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