Become a citizen scientist snorkeler

Collaborate with the global scientific community and aid them in learning more about reef sharks, whale sharks and manta rays.

If you see a whale shark, manta ray or shark while snorkeling in Thailand take a photo and submit your sighting information to one of these databases:

Wildbook is a visual identification database for global whale shark sightings. It uses pattern recognition software to record encounters with individual whale sharks. Whale sharks can be identified by their spot markings and gill patterns. Little is known about whale shark movements or breeding grounds.

snorkeler and manta rayManta Matcha is a global database of shared data for manta ray encounters. Manta rays are migratory and this database will help to match separate sightings and discover their movement patterns. Manta ray markings on their undersides are as individually distinctive as fingerprints.

The Thailand eShark Project is a Thailand only shark sightings database that aims to raise awareness about the declining numbers of sharks in Thai waters, working towards creating protected marine sanctuaries for sharks. Most recordings are submitted by dive centres around Thailand but anyone can contribute even if you don’t see any sharks. (Zero sightings are important too as they help to record the frequency of sightings).

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