Reggae Queen guests

Reggae Queen snorkeling liveaboard

3 days 3 nights to the Surin Islands, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai

Once again this season the Reggae Queen has been getting rave reviews.

“Hello Paul,
Our trip on the Reggae Queen was great! Ralph had everything down to a pat – food was delicious, the cabins were clean and we definitely felt that we were in good hands. We don’t have photos of our own and are waiting for our fellow traveller on this boat to send some to us.
The snorkelling programme is intensive – up to 4 a day of at least 45min each so it’ll be good if you “warn” interested parties what to expect. The marine life around Surin is beautiful and worth the 4-hour boat ride on sometimes rough waters.
Cheers, Debra”

“The trip was great Paul, we all really loved it. Unfortunately the sea was too rough to do some of the scheduled activities, but that aside, everything was excellent. In fact, we are already talking about coming out again. The crew were great, the reefs and fish amazing and Ralph and Andy great guides.
Once we are back home I will send you a few photos and if you need any testimonials I will be happy to write one. Thanks for all your help.

Both of these reviews were from guests on Reggae Queen in December, which is not even the best time of year to visit the islands. The best time is Feb-April and at the moment the conditions are perfect and Koh Bon is full of manta rays.

Reggae Queen (also called MV Sawan) departs every Wednesday and Sunday from Nov-April. More details here


6 thoughts on “Reggae Queen snorkeling liveaboard”

  1. Hey, I am interested in the 3 days & 3 nights snorkelling trip liveaboard.

    Need more information to plan. Can u email to me at

    I will be ard there from 26th Feb to 3rd march 2018. So need to know your set off dates! ☺️

  2. Hi guys if the boarders are open for us in NZ when is the first 3 day 3 night trip in 2021 around Nov please? Kind regards Kaycie

  3. Aloha, I’m hoping to book the March 24th trip, but my flight gets in to Phuket at 12:50, so I probably can’t get to the pier till 2:30… would they be a problem?

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