Richelieu Rock snorkeling

Richelieu Rock Snorkeling

The Richelieu Rock snorkeling season is November to April. Whale shark sightings are not guaranteed, you need quite a bit of luck to see one. The best months are February to April but they can be seen at any time. Some years we seem to see them every week, other years we see very few. When they come they hang around in shallow water often allowing snorkelers to swim with them for hours. Richelieu Rock is full of fish. Another highlight for snorkelers is big swirling schools of chevron barracuda.

We only offer Richelieu Rock as part of a multiple day liveaboard cruise, we do not have day trips available to Richelieu Rock. These cruises normally includes the Similan Islands, Koh Bon (with the chance to see manta rays), Surin Islands and Koh Tachai. These are the best dive and snorkel spots in Thailand. Most boats are mixed scuba divers and snorkelers, Richelieu is more popular as a dive site that it is with snorkelers.

Richelieu Rock SnorkelingRichelieu Rock is a pinnacle that breaks the surface in the middle of the ocean. There is no other land around which is why so much fish life is attracted to the area. The water clarity is sometimes very clear but at other times it can be a little green, the limestone rock makes the water very nutrient rich, this is what attracts the big pelagic fish to feed. Currents can be strong at times. So this open ocean snorkeling is really only suitable for experienced snorkelers and free divers who are comfortable in the water.

We offer 2,3,4 or 5 night liveaboard trips that visit Richelieu Rock. These are our favourite trips for escaping the day trippers and seeing the best stuff underwater.

More details on available trips here >>

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