Phuket weather update

WeatherThe last few days have been typical of September weather in Phuket.

We had a big storm on Friday night that knocked out the power over a big chunk of the island for a couple of hours.

Saturday was windy but mostly clear. The sea was a bit bumpy for anyone out on a boat, but it was a nice day for the beach. The great thing about Phuket at this time of year is that the beaches are quiet. This is Kamala beach on Saturday, there were only a few people on it.

Sunday was also mostly fine but there were a couple of hard tropical downpours that had us running for cover.

Today, Monday, it’s been raining steadily all morning. A good day for the garden to grow.

If you visit Phuket in September you take a chance on the weather. It is statistically Phuket’s wettest month so you can be sure of some rain. It could rain for the whole time you are here. but in all likelihood you will get clear skies with some heavy showers. Most of the rain comes in the evening.

The advantages of coming to Phuket in September are very cheap hotel prices, plus fewer tourists on the beaches and at all the popular sights and attractions.

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