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Similan Island day trip options from Phuket

Choices choices. Yesterday we covered Similan Island day trips from Khao Lak. If you are staying in Phuket you have fewer choices. We basically offer two options, a premium priced day trip and a cheap day trip.

  • The premium Similan Island trip takes fewer people and tries a bit harder to avoid other boats and find good snorkeling sites.
    The overseas guides are chatty and inclusive and keen snorkelers themselves. They will try and make your day a memorable one.
    The only problem with this tour is that it departs early to beat the crowds so it means an early start in Phuket, especially if you stay in the south of the island.
    The price is 4,100 baht per person including transfers from any hotel on Phuket.
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Similan jump

  • The cheap Similan Island day trip is a standard Thai speedboat tour that includes a couple of beach excursions and a couple of stops for snorkeling.
    The local guides are friendly and will show beginner snorkelers how to use mask and snorkel. Life jackets are provided.
    The price is 3,000 baht per person including transfers from Phuket’s main beach hotels.
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The Similan Islands national park opens on 15 October and closes on 15 May. Similan Island day trips run from early November early May.

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