Jet Cruiser approaching Maya Bay

Customer feedback

David and his family took a day trip from Khao Lak to the Surin Islands:

Surin PierHi Paul! 
The overall impression is good and I and my family are overall very pleased with the trip and would rate it 4 of 5.

Friendly and attentive staff and good equipment.

The boat was ok, even if a bit tight with some 20+ passengers. This was especially true when we stopped for snorkling and had to change, get our gear on etc. It would have been great with some more space to do that. That would also have helped to make all of us talk and enjoy the trip even more.

The drinks and snacks on the boat were generously offered to us and I do not think anyone felt it was not enough. The food at the national park was below the average on this trip but we were positively surprised of the good ice cream!

The snorkling sites were good for less experienced people, but they were all very close to the national park offices and to each other and looked similar. Not knowing the area that may be the case whichever site you go to so I am not sure that snorkling or diving would be different elsewhere but given the reputation of Surin iskands I believe so.

Med Vänlig Hälsning,

phiphi_jetcruiser2Sharon went from Phuket to Phi Phi and Bamboo Island on our Premium day trip with the Jet Cruiser 9:

HI Paul,
Really loved the tour and will put some photos up as soon as we are organised and unpacked. 
The premium tickets were good on the big boat. Loved the speedboat part, the driver was exceptionally good, we have been with other drivers and he at least would slow down when a big wave came.  We gave him a good tip. 
We loved the snorkelling area behind phi phi, would have liked to have parked on the beach and spent longer here.
The Bamboo island stop was good.
Kind Regards