Surin beach Phuket

Surin Beach

Millionaire beach

Surin Beach is a world class Phuket beach. It’s the beach that the rich owners of luxury villas on Phuket’s “millionaire mile” like to call their own. It’s a popular beach with surfers during the south west monsoon (May to Oct) but the sea is calm and great for swimming in high season. There is some okay snorkeling at the north and southern ends of the beach.

Surin beach is on the west coast north of Patong and Kamala, south of Bangtao and Laguna. It’s neither as long or as deep as Kamala beach. It has a slightly more upmarket feel than Kamala. There isn’t really a Surin town to talk off, just a road with a few shops, hotels are scattered away from the beach.

Although being the next beach up from Kamala, Surin was minimally affected by the 2004 Asian tsunami, whereas Kamala was very badly hit.

Surin beach Phuket

Up until 2014 Surin beach was the place that hip and trendy people used to hang out, and several beach clubs sprung up to relieve them of their money. By putting a few bean bags on some wooden decking and serving tiny food on big plates they were able to charge 1,000 baht for a day. In 2014 when the military junta overthrew the elected but dysfunctional government there was a move to purge Phuket beaches of illegal vendors. All the restaurants and bars that were encroaching on the beach were removed, they were mostly south of the car park.

We used to like sitting at those restaurants (not the poncy beach clubs), but actually the beach is far more beautiful in it’s natural state with more beach space for the public. At the time of writing the encroachers haven’t dared return because the military is still in power.

So eating options on Surin beach are fewer than they were before, but like anywhere in Thailand you will not go hungry. There are some restaurants at the northern end of the beach. Also in the car park area mobile food stalls stop to sell delicious grilled chicken, BBQ squid, somtam with sticky rice and so on. Vendors also walk along the beach selling beers and ice creams.

The next beach up the coast is Bang Tao beach. Head south to find Laem Singh.

Surin beach in Phuket is not to be mistaken for the Surin Islands or Surin province in north east Thailand.

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Surin beach Phuket

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