Phang Nga snorkeling

Similan jump

Where to go snorkeling in Phang Nga Phang Nga is more than just Phang Nga bay When talking about Phang Nga it is important to distinguish between Phang Nga province and Phang Nga bay. Phang Nga bay (or Ao Phang Nga) is part of Phang Nga province. It’s famous for the large limestone rock formations scattered throughout the bay and was made a national park in 1981. It’s an area of mangroves and caves Read More …

Teach Kids to snorkel

Snorkeling with kids

Snorkeling for children Teach Kids to snorkel Kids love snorkeling and if they see you doing it they’ll want to join in. Snorkeling is a great activity for all the family to participate in together. Start the first lesson in a bath tub, paddling pool, or the shallow end of a swimming pool. Let you kids play with the mask and snorkel above the water first so they can get Read More …

Snorkeling with reef sharks at Phi Phi

Black tip reef sharks at Phi Phi

Snorkeling with reef sharks I found this video YouTube of Lars Bindholt snorkeling with black tip reef sharks at Phi Phi and I thought it was worth sharing. I believe that the video is filmed at the small rock just off Long beach on Phi Phi Don. If you are staying at Phi Phi you can go snorkeling there independently or with a cheap early morning tour by long tail boat Read More …

Snorkeling or Snorkelling?


What is the correct spelling? Is it snorkeling or snorkelling? The answer is that they are both correct so it’s up to you. Snorkeling is the US dictionary spelling, in England it’s typically spelled snorkelling. The same applies to the noun snorkeller which is also spelled snorkeler. The word snorkel derives from the German word Schnorchel, an air shaft for submarines.

Half day snorkeling Phuket

Coral Island snorkeling

Half day snorkeling Phuket If you don’t have time for a full day of snorkeling we have some Phuket half day tours that might suit you. These trips to Coral Island and the Khai Islands offer a few hours of fun in the sun just off shore from Phuket. Coral Island half day trip (afternoon) Itinerary: 11.00-12.30 hrs: Hotel pick up and transfer to Chalong Bay 13.15-13.30 hrs: Speedboat to Read More …

Diving and snorkeling in Thailand


  Diving and snorkeling in Thailand Normally we offer snorkeling day trips to snorkelers and diving day trips to certified divers but sometimes we get requests for mixed diver and snorkeler couples who would like to join a boat where they can do both. Or snorkelers may like the option to try diving for the first time, just to get an idea what it is like without committing to the Read More …

Phuket summer snorkeling

Krabi snorkeling at Chicken Island

Where to snorkel in Phuket in the low season We are now calling the Phuket low season the Phuket summer season because it sounds a bit less rainy than low season 🙂 Some people call it the green season. Either way from now until October we will be inundated with questions asking what will the weather be like when I’m here?  Can I still go snorkeling? Will I see anything? Read More …

Surin Islands camping tip

Surin islands accommodation - tents on the beach

Surin Islands camping feedback If you are planning on staying in a tent on the Surin or Similan Islands here is some feedback from a recent visitor. Dear Paul, I enjoyed my stay at Surin very much. The transport was perfect (timely, very good cars, good drivers, very helpful), the team was great, the snorkeling trips really great , and the food good! The only point for improvement are the Read More …