Why Snorkeling. Some reasons to go snorkeling

  • Snorkeling is cheap. You don’t need to buy expensive scuba diving gear or pay for lessons to get certified. Most snorkeling tours are cheaper than dive tours because there is less equipment involved.
  • Anyone can snorkel. From young kids to pensioners, if you can swim you can snorkel. Even if you can’t swim you can wear a flotation devise and still enjoy snorkeling. Snorkeling can include the whole family.
  • Snorkeling is easy to learn. If you are unsure about how to use a mask, snorkel or fins just ask someone to show you. A few minutes practice putting on a mask and breathing through the snorkel and off you go. There are techniques for using the snorkel, clearing water from your mask and fining efficiently which can all be learnt quickly.
  • Snorkeling is safe and stress free. You can snorkel for hours at a time if you want to, unlike scuba diving where you are restricted by dive tables and the air in your cylinder. Also unlike diving there are no restrictions about flying after snorkeling. Snorkelers don’t get bent.
  • You don’t need a lot of equipment. Just a mask and snorkel and may be some fins. If you are taking a vacation you can easily pack these in your luggage. A full set of dive gear can weigh 15kilos, that’s most of your airline allowance gone right there, plus the airline will probably charge you extra because it’s sports equipment! You can buy a mask and snorkel set very cheaply, most snorkeling tours provide them free of charge if you don’t have your own. Compare that to renting a set of scuba gear that costs $20-40 per day.
  • Snorkeling is silent. There are no bubbles from a scuba tank to scare the fish away. Duck down below the surface for a minute and you’ll be surrounded by fish. Reef sharks are especially skittish around divers, often swimming away before divers get a chance to see them, whereas they hardly seem aware of snorkelers. Snorkeling boats are also quieter than dive boats because they don’t need to fill tanks with a compressor.
  • Snorkeling is good for you. You are connecting with nature, keeping fit, breathing fresh air. Snorkeling is educational too, there is so much to learn about the sub aquatic world. There is always something new to see underwater, especially if you travel to different locations. The marine world is so hugely bio diverse that you can never get bored. Even if you snorkel at the same spot every day it will always be different.
  • The more you snorkel the more you’ll see. Your eyes will become quicker at spotting critters, you’ll learn the habitats that certain fish like, you’ll learn how tides and currents and weather and time of day can have an effect underwater.
  • You can snorkel in any weather. So you booked a beach holiday but now it’s raining? Don’t sit in the bar all day, give the shops a miss, go snorkeling instead. The rain makes little difference, you’re getting wet anyway and the fish are all still there.
  • Your friends will be jealous. Especially if you post some cool photos on Facebook. With so many cheap underwater digital cameras and waterproof pouches for phones it’s easy to take super snaps.

Got some more reasons to go snorkeling. Tell us.


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  1. I never knew that snorkeling can be learned in a few minutes after learning a few simple techniques like clearing water from the mask. My husband and I are going on vacation next month for our ten-year wedding anniversary and are trying to find great activities to do in the ocean. We’ll have to see if there is a snorkeling service near the area we’re going to!

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